Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Housing data points to Romney victory in Fla

If the housing market is any sign, GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney will win in Florida today -- maybe the biggest swing state of the contest.

Swing state housing analysis conducted by RealtyTrac this week gives Romney the nod over President Barack Obama with real estate voters in Florida.

Romney would win the majority of swing states (5-3) and their electoral votes (58-37), but Obama would still secure enough to squeak out a victory in the overall electoral vote count, 274-264, according to the RealtyTrac survey.

Hopefully we will know the true outcome by tonight.

The presidential data was based on a recent Swing State Housing Scorecard by RealtyTrac that analyzed key housing market data like average home prices, unemployment, foreclosure inventory, foreclosure starts and percent of distressed sales.

Florida’s housing market is worse off compared to four years ago based on four of those metrics — falling average home prices, rising unemployment, increasing foreclosure inventory, and growing foreclosure sales — while only foreclosure starts have improved since Obama’s big win in 2008.

Wisconsin, Colorado, Iowa and New Hampshire also favor Romney in the housing study. Nevada, Virginia and Ohio go to Obama.

Please don’t forget to vote today, and stay tuned to Bradenton.com for all of the results!

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